Last Tour of the Season

                                                         Hello everyone!

           We had a nice sunny Autumn day for our last tour of the season. Why don't you come along with us and see the autumn colors in our garden. We did have a frost a couple of times but not a killing frost.
         This will be the last time this year for a big bus to roll in with some lovely visitors from Japan.
                             There was 27 visitors  today for a house and garden tour. I was happy to have such a nice sunny day for them to enjoy their visit.
                           The little "Gardener's Cottage' always meets with approval!

                   This beautiful gentle lady brought me a gift of powered green tea and the cup,wisk, etc. to make it. She also,gave me a demonstration on how to make it.
                               The garden is mostly fall foliage colors now.

                          We make a little trek down to the woods and the brook.
                                               It is very peaceful in here.
                   The ferns add interesting color in the autumn.
                                                    The hillside garden.

                                Hosta,Japanese Barberry and limelight hydrangea.
                                           Japanese Barberry up close and personnal. I love the bright red seeds..
            The fall blooming monkshood gives some late season color.
              The 'Burning Bush' or Euonymus alata "Compactus" is putting on a good show.
                              The virginia creeper on the chimney and side of the house is turning red here.
            Well, this pretty much ends our tour but you may wander around if you please.
This is where I like to spend my evenings with a cup of hot apple cider.

  Thank you to all who have joined me in a late season tour around our garden.

     I am joining French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday today

           Take care,

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