Afternoon Tea with Friends

                                                   Hello everyone,

  It was a beautiful sunny day today and I enjoyed hosting a small afternoon tea with a few good friends.
           We enjoyed chatting by the fireside for awhile before our tea.
                  Janice and Veronica talking to Sharon and Margorie- Soory I missed getting them in the photo.
      And later we moved out to the kitchen to enjoy hot apple cider and scones with clotted cream,sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and Christmas cookies.
  The scones are cranberry orange scones and raisin scones. If you would like the recipe click here. It is the same recipe for both just adding dried cranberries and orange jest instead of raisins.

 Come and sit by the fire for awhile and enjoy yourself!

I really enjoyed my afternoon tea with  my friends.

Thank you for stopping by.


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