Tea Time

                                                         Hello everyone!

                  Hope your week is going well. We did have a good cover of snow yesterday afternoon but warm temps and heavy rain took it all away overnight.

We got our tree last night so I am looking forward to decorating it tonight.
In the meantime I will enjoy a nice cup of Christmas tea.

           I have had this angel for several years now but I still enjoy getting her out every Christmas.and putting her on a table or mantel until she finds her proper stot on the top of our tree.

Just a simple tea again but soon we can snuggle up by the fireside with the glow of the Christmas tree.

Since we had some snow yesterday school was let out early so I enjoyed a snowy afternoon with two of our granddaughter's. and of course I had to get some photos of them in our first real (though short lived) snowfall of the season.

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for  a Christmas Tea Time today.

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