Pretty Containers ~ Pretty Bouquets

Hello everyone,
It is a beautiful sunny winter day here. We are working on some spring projects which I am happy to get done and I will share with you later.
However, today I decided to share some of my pretty containers for pretty bouquets from our garden.
In the photos above I love the peony wreath that I made a few years ago and placed on the mirror with iron scrolling on the front that cmae from Homesense. Below on the cupboard below ,there are some little bouquets in small aqua glass jars that make cute little vases.

                           This old pitcher and the basin with the white tulips look pretty on the kitchen/dining tabl,e as I have a collection of red and white transferware on display there.
                            A mix of containers out in the terrace hold more peonies from the garden.
                            A cement urn is often used for bouquets and here I am showing off my peonies again. Looking forward to picking bouquets of them again come June.
              The watering can ,also from Homesense holds an assortment of phlox,hydrangeas and hosta flowers.
                               The old milk bottles and carrier looks great with flowers in it.
                           Whenever,I go to thrift shops I always keep an eye out for unique little things that can be re-purposed into other things and in this case these cute little boots look charming with simple bouquets of phlox.
                               A more common vase with a late spring bouquet. I do love my peonies!
                            I couldn't resist this little ceramic boot with a potted plant in it.
                             This basket makes for a pretty picture with soft pink peonies on the end of the old iron bed out on our summer veranda.
                                               Even wild flowers in a mason jar have charm.

                          This pretty bowl was a couple of dollars and I planted it up with 'Fleckles' a violet.
                      Both of these vases came home with me from a trip to Florida last spring.
                          An old transferware cup and saucer planted up with some pretty violas.
         Who could resist this old teapot from a yard sale with a bouquet of lilacs from the garden. I love lilacs!
And another bouquet or two of lilacs in a lacy white vase from Ikea. The chair was given to me and I was lucky enough to find a pinkish red toile chair slipcover at a thrift shop.
This shot was taken in our Gardener's Cottage last year.

                                      And last but not least-four wooden barrels filled with beautiful spring tulips Alas, these are not in our garden  but I took this shot of someone else's street side garden-so pretty!

It will be awhile yet but soon enough(well not quite) it will be garden bouquet season again. In the mean time there are lots of projects to get done.

I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show Off Saturday.

Hope you are having a good weekend,


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