Winter Wonderland

                                                          Hello everyone,
        I woke up early this morning and took a peek out our window and was surprised to see we had a few inches of fresh snow fall over night. Now, I know you are are looking for spring but the reality of life on Prince Edward Island is that in March  we can still get quite a bit of snow. Our temperatures have been right around the freezing mark for the past week so sometimes it is hard to predict whether we will will get rain or snow.
       Anyway, a fresh snow fall is an good opportunity to go for a short drive and take some photos.
        I have always loved this house that is a few kilometers from our house.
                        These are city homes that look pretty with the snow.

                                                         A backyard shed.
                                         A farm fence covered in snow.

                                      Love tree lined winter driveways covered with untrodden snow.

                              I was wishing for Christmas wreaths on these lanterns or small Christmas trees at the base but alas not this year.
                                                  A city harbour lighthouse.

                                             I like this shabby chic mailbox.
                            And back home to our own snow covered world.
                                    Our terrace covered with snow.
                               And lastly our Gardener's Cottage in winter.

             The snow is already starting to melt some and they are promising sunny mild days for most of the week so don't worry spring is still on the way!

Hope you have a good day,


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