Our Boathouse Conservatory

Hello everyone,
We have been busy with tours for the past few days so I have been a bit absent again.I took these shots one day last week but didn't get a chance to post them.
I took some time to do some tweaking in our little boathouse as it is part of our tour with our visitors from Japan-we had almost 200 in the past few weeks.

So, i thought I would give the tiny conservatory  some fresh flowers to give it a nice garden look.
There are lots of lupins growing wild around the Island now so it is not hard to get a beautiful bouquet of them.
A trailing verbena in a planter.
Although most of the French lilacs are fading now I still have a few for bouquets and the Preston lilacs from Canada are starting to put on a good show and also have a lovely fragrance but different from the French ones.

A birdhouse or two adds some charm to the conservatory.
Well,just a quick peek inside today but I am sure I will have lots more to come over the summer.
Now, I better finish up planting my planters and window boxes etc.-yes, I know I am slow this year getting it done

Thank you for visiting me,

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