Vintage Style in the Boathouse

Hello everyone,
It is a beautiful sunny day here and I am planning on getting back out to the garden shortly but first I thought I would share a little 'Vintage Love' with you.I have been having fun decorating our little 'boathouse' lately and have enjoyed sleeping out in it now that it is nearly finished.
I have a few pretty vintage aprons and some vintage style china so I used them to decorate one wall in the 'boathouse'. Someone asked me why it is called the boathouse and it just a name we picked for it as it is by our pond and has an old wooden boat in front of it. It is a real hit with our visitors and I have had several people ask if we rent it out but alas we are selfish! Also,it has no bath or kitchen-just a fun place to sleep and wake up to the beauty of the pond and the birds etc. Also, planning sleepovers with our family soon.
I like how the aprons look reflected in the old mirror.
The old chair I 'slipcovered' in a simple cottagey way with an old chennile bedspread.
We have been busy with tours from Japan lately and we really enjoy sharing the garden with them. June and October seem to be their favorite times to come here so it is slower next month.
The lupins are blooming all up and down our country road here now. They are so pretty in all the different colors and bi colors.
The irises are also in bloom now but I am loving the Canadian and Korean lilacs that are just coming into full bloom and spreading an amazing fragrance around the garden making for a very pleasant workplace!
Enjoy your day!

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