Our Late Season Garden

                                                                      Hello everyone,
         I hope you are all having a great week. We just got back from a short holiday in Nova Scotia where we had a good time and had great weather. I apologize once again for any confusion on my blog disappearing for a few days but I think the problem has been resolved.
   Anyway, I have lots of photos to share from our trip but today I wanted to give you a tour of our late season garden. These photos were all taken last week just before we had a hard frost so already
it has changed again. I love the 'burning bushes' that give such nice red color in the fall.

                                           Down in the woods by the brook-it is a nice peaceful place
                                          to sit for a spell.
                              You can see the virginia creeper over the arbor has taken on it's fall colors too.

                                              Julia Child still has some late season roses.
                                                       The limelight hydrangea-last week.
                                         A new geranium bloomed most of the summer and has multi-colored foliage
                              in the fall.
                                                        The Elmira rose puts on a good show even this late.
                                 This tall aster and the late blooming monkshood look pretty together.
                                                Autumn joy sedum with a fading hosta.
                                       Royal Bonica has a few blooms still.
                                                The arbor with the virginia creeper.Holly to the right of arbor.
                                       The daylillies have a bloom or two late in the season
                                  Sedum and varigated foliage on the phlox look pretty.
                                               The arbor from the inside of the fence.
                             Sorry for the quality of this photo but it is the only one I took of this area.
                                           On the balcony looking to the pond.
                                     A pretty dahlia blooming last week but alas gone with the frost a couple of nights ago - so it will go into the basement to rebloom again next year.
                                    The sumac by the cottage has great fall color.
                                                       The terrace in the fall.
                       A bouquet I picked for you last week.

                            Well, I am off to visit my sweet Mama and I will be back soon with
                             more to share.

                             Thank you for your visit and all your lovely emails and comments.

                             Take care,

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