Take a Walk in the Park

                                                                 Hello everyone,
                          Earlier this week we spent a day in Halifax so the first thing we did was to go for a                               walk in the park- the Halifax Public Gardens.It is a beautiful park in the centre of                                 downtown Halifax. It was a beautiful evening and lots of people were enjoying the
                      There was beautiful fall colors but also lots of tender annuals still doing well.
                     We already lost our annuals here in our garden but we are in a bit of a frost pocket
                       and Halifax is a little further south then us.
                             It is a peaceful place and there are lots of ducks enjoying it too.

                                              There is often musical entertainment here as well.
                                                  There are several beautiful statues in the garden.

                       The dahlias were still doing well- I think I should add a few more to our garden.

               Thank you for coming along for a walk in the park. After we left Halifax
                       we went to Chester for a lunch and a walk around this beautiful seaside
                       town before heading on to the beautiful Mahone Bay- more on that later.

                       It is a warm day here and after a good rain the sun is starting to peek out.
                       We have been blessed with great weather this fall.

                                                                                                 Take care,

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