Happy New Year!

                                                                 Happy New Year!
                           It is bitterly cold here today with lots of sunshine and clear sparkly snow. It is
                          not the kind of day that you want to linger outdoors. We have been doing our
                          walks indoors on the walking track indoors lately and will hopefully keep it up
                          until it warms up.
                         Last night we hosted a casual potluck dinner at our house for 22.
                                We had lots of good food and chatter around the fireplaces.
                                   Before everyone came I took a few quick shots of the tables.

We enjoyed our time together but today it is time to purge the 
house of all the Christmas decorations for another year.I always
have mixed feelings about it because a lot of it becomes clutter
after a few weeks but I really miss the Christmas lights which seem
so cosy to me......but November will be back soon enough!

         With the trees gone from the big windows I have been enjoying the sun streaming in today.
Now for any of you Islanders that are already
sick of winter ~ I have good news for you
I looked out the window and saw a robin
(a harbinger of spring) in the garden today!
So,spring must be just around the corner!!!
There were two actually but by the time I 
got my camera only one remained..I felt
sorry for them so I shared my peanut 
butter balls with them~ hope they enjoy!
I think they like the winter berries better!

Happy New Year!



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