A Charming Tour

                                                            Hello everyone,
               Today, I thought you might like a tour of our friends, Heather and Keith's new home.                                      I took these photos last August and forgot to share them with you then but I
                 am sure you won't mind a summer time tour.
                                                       This is the side porch ~ Heather always finds unique
                                                       little treasures at yard sales and has a real talent for
                                                       displaying them.
                                   It is aprox. 7 years since they built their new home and I love
                                   how nicely the shingles have weathered and the garden has
                                   grown. They also have an amazing view of the water.
                                           What a perfect way to display the birdhouse.

                                                               The front door is a pretty yellow but
                                                               did not come true in my photo.
                                    A side angle of the house~ for some reason I did not take a shot
                                    from front on but next time!
                                    Heather's husband Keith built this charming shed and also did
                                   much of the work on the house himself !

                                                   A bit of a front view.
                                                Love that big sailboat!
                   And the water view where boats are often sailing by in summer.
                                    You might be noticing that Heather and I love many of the
                                    same things. We have been good friends since our children
                                    were small.
                                We both have a good sized collection of red & white as well
                                as blue and white transferware dishes.
                                                 Love the sunny yellow door and the planter.

                    Heather is also a talented artist and has sold many of her paintings at Details
                   on Victoria Row in Charlottetown.

        I have taken pictures of her paintings over the years so this is just a little sample
                  to show you how talented my friend Heather is.

                I shared some more photos a few years ago from indoors if you would like
               to have a peak just click here.

                 I hope you enjoyed a quick tour around Heather and Keith's charming home
                and thank you H & K for letting me share these photos.

                                                                                      Take care,


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