Dreaming of our Spring Garden

                                                                  Hello everyone,
                             Now that spring is drawing near (hopefully) I am doing a little
                             dreaming of the beauty that lies beneath the snow in our
                             garden waiting for some warmer temperatures to burst
                             through the ground.
                            We have lots of daffodils and tulips to give some early color ,
                            and who doesn't crave color after a long winter?
             We have lots of daffodils as they are good to not only return but also to multiply.


                             I love adding garden ornaments tucked into the beds
                             around the garden.

                                               Our hillside garden.
                            This is one of my favorite shots of our spring garden.

                             After the tulips and daffy's are past there is a little lull so the
                             forget me not's are giving a little color while we wait for all
                             the perennials to bloom.
                             I love this cement statue (Martha) that was made here locally
                             at J&;S Concrete  Albany. We have had her for several years and
                            she only improves in beauty....just like the rest of us girls!
                      Looking down the hillside garden toward the woods and brook.

                               The magnolia gives some early spring color.

                          The alliums and lilacs on the left look pretty together as do the iris
                          and lupins on the top.

                     Hope you enjoyed dreaming along with me! It will be several
                               weeks before our garden has these spring blooms but with
                               the way time flies by it will just give me time to finish a few
                               projects indoors,do my spring cleaning,take a little holiday
                               and boom ~it's here!
                                   We already have over 60 garden tours from Japan
                                   booked and it is still early yet......so looks like a
                                   busy garden season for us.
                               If you would like to read about the 'Making of our Garden'
                               click here.

                                     Thank you for your visit and welcome to my new

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