Our Early Autumn Garden

                                                               Hello everyone,

                        Our Autumn days have been lovely here and the heavy rain we had a couple of days has given the garden a pick me up. It is so nice to have the grass so lush and green again..
                                                             Our water fountain.

              The annebelle hydrangeas are still giving me pleasure with their beautiful big blooms.

                                            The birdhouse on a shelf on the north veranda.
                                         The sedum Autumn Joy and Annebelle with a burning bush make a nice Autumn combination.
                                       Autumn Joy sedum is so easy to grow and looks good all season long.The bees also are loving it.
                        Martha's Garden is taking on a fall look as the virginia creeper is just starting to turn red..
                                                  Have a seat for awhile and watch the birds.

                                       The Limelight hydrangea has turned a rosy pink now.
                                        A double red hollyhock that I started from seed this year is blooming now.
            The phlox has all pretty much  faded now except for the varigated phlox.
              An early morning shot with the dew on the mirror behind Martha(statue).
                                                  Our sweet angel is still keeping watch.

                                                                          As are these.

                                                             Our old boat by the pond.
Now that I have shown you the garden I better get out and take a stroll through it on this lovely sunny day.

I am joining Show and Tell at My Romantic Home today and also at The Rose Garden in Malevik

Thank you for joining me today.

Have a lovely weekend!

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