Stepping Back

                                                                              Hello everyone,
                   Last week I went on a field trip for homeschooling families with my daughter and little grandson Lucas to Orwell Corner Historic Village. It was a beautiful sunny day we we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.I took lots of photos so you could come along with me.
                      This old pump still works but the children discovered that it was a lot more work to get a cup of water then turning on a tap.
We got a little lesson on what a day in school was like in the good old days when one room had children from grades one to ten.

 This pot belly stove was the only source of heat. I would be hoping for a seat by the stove.

 Next we moved on to the general store and saw many of the things you could buy on a trip to the nearest store.
                                  They had a few dishes that I admired!
                 In back of the General Store was the merchants home. I liked this cosy dining room.                                        
                                A pretty bouquet on the kitchen table.
            I like the warm glow in this bedroom.

                                They rented out rooms to dressmakers so this was one of their creations.
  This home was not part of the tour but on the property.

                                                     We toured the church.

                                               And saw some old farm machinery.

                                                 The farm animals were a big hit with the children.
  After our picnic lunch we had a horse and wagon ride ,learned how to make candles and then headed for home.
                We had a great day didn't we Lucas???
                   Today we went to see the play Anne of Green Gables at the Confederation Centre with the same group. I am loving my little field trips! Lucas is enjoying being homeschooled and wants to make sure he can sign his Mom up for another year.

I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with us.

Take care,

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